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Caucus Syllabus Swap

Hello fellow GSCers!

School starts soon. Really, ridiculously soon. And if you haven’t finished your syllabus yet (as I’m sure a great many of you have not, with your busy grad-school lives) you might need some ideas and inspiration to get you started. What better way to get inspiration than seeing the amazing work of your peers?

Link your eighteenth-century-related syllabi in the comments below and share the wealth!

(You can host your syllabi on your page,, or, to name a few.)

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One comment on “Caucus Syllabus Swap

  1. Nick Miller
    August 14, 2012

    Here is the syllabus I created for a course on Early American Masculinities last year: The historical scope obviously takes us into the nineteenth century, but (for this version of the course) we begin in the eighteenth century.

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